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Originally conceived at a college radio station as 'Homegrown" in 2010, ZipCodeZero has morphed into a ever growing platform for emerging rock bands to strut their stuff. Tireless promotion, interviews and pure passion drive the show each and every week. Got something to contribute?  Hit us up!

The ZipCodeZero Radio Network

Besides being live on Code Zero Radio, These fine streaming stations carry the show on their schedule as well. You can hear ZipCodeZero 7 days a week! 

Atlantic RNI...Fridays at 12:00 GMT (6am ET) Replay on Tuesdays 22:00 GMT

Digital Revolution Radio...Every Sunday at 5 pm Eastern

ISX Radio...Friday nights at 4 pm Eastern 

Veterans Family Radio...Wednesdays at 10:00pm BST






This Weeks Track List for ZipCodeZero

Hour 1

"Emily's Army","Broadcast This "


"Good Devils","9 To 5"

"20 Spot","Take the Money"

"October Rage"," Set You Free"

"Tailwind Audio "," Dialed In"

"Coaching For Sara","Receive"


"Brutal Republic "," The River"

"Black Star Alliance "," Apathetic"

 1st Break

"Sweet Ignitions","Running"

"Saboteurs","One Track Mind"

"Wild Planes","We Don't Know This"

"Tailwind Audio "," PB&J"

"William J Locker","Rock N Roll Man"

"The Reverent Cavaliers","Girl With A Gun"

"Gene The Werewolf","The Loner"



 2nd Break

Hour 2

"Versus Me","Give Me A Reason"

"The Adarna","Sugar"

"White Light Spectrum","Love To Bring"

"Tailwind Audio "," Collide"

"Emerald Sunday","What Becomes Of You"

"Black Top Mojo","Can't Sleep"

"Filthy Sweet","Get Mine"

 3rd Break

"The Chimpz","Screaming"

"Little Triggers","So Fine"

"Copper House","Jenny"

"Tailwind Audio "," Surgery"

"Mrs Skanotto"," Free Speech Zone"


"My Cruel Goro","Clash"

"A Primitive Evolution","Becoming"

"Tailwind Audio "," Search"

"Second Player Score","The Last Trigger"

"Sub Motion","Headchecked"




*indicates new track in rotation

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