Our Podcast

What happened to all those awesome podcasts? Well, since the live and syndicated shows are the main focus now the podcast, sadly is on hiatus. I really enjoyed the production but two things drove the decision to re-evaluate the podcast.

One, some concerns were raised by an artist about bootlegging of their material. That is the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. Our goal was to direct listeners to the various artists websites so purchases would be considered. If the material was available for download free here, then what motivates a potential fan to make that effort? That goes against our very core of promoting the awesome music we have in our trust.

Two, the time spent producing the podcast was creating a strain in the studio and being the only engineer here, some tough decisions had to be made.

But have no fear! Plans are being made as we speak. The podcast will be re-formatted with an eye (or ear) on an interview style so we can get up close and personal with your favorite artists. We would also welcome any suggestions on what you, the listener, would like to hear. Hit us up!

The ZipCodeZero Radio Network

Besides being live on Code Zero Radio, These fine streaming stations carry the show on their schedule as well. You can hear ZipCodeZero 7 days a week! 

Atlantic RNI...Fridays at 12:00 GMT (6am ET) Replay on Tuesdays 22:00 GMT

Alien X Radio...Tuesdays at 3am ET, Noon Thurs. ET

Digital Revolution Radio...Every Sunday at 5pm ET

ISX Radio...Sunday nights at 10pm ET 

Veterans Family Radio...Wednesdays at 10:00pm BST

Variety FM Ipswich...Noon weekdays AEST



This Weeks Track List for ZipCodeZero

Hour 1

"The Pimps","Rocket Science"

"ZipCodeZero","Code Zero Radio"

"Black Belt Theater","A Beautiful Sound"

"The Scaramanga Six","Dirty Subaru"

"Second Player Score","Gloria"

"Tailwind Audio "," Collide"

"Hollywood Sins","Snake Eyes"

"Strange Waves","Up In Smoke"

"A New Nowhere","I Disappoint You""

"Tailwind Audio "," PB&J"

"Second Player Score","Chosen One"

1st Break

"Tom Thiel","Where Your Heart Is"

"SiLK9"," I Don't Know"

"The Harbor","Sunday Dress"

"Tailwind Audio "," Leaving  Mainstream"

"This Burning Age","Conceal"

"Pudge","Closer to You"

"Fenix TX","Don't Know What To Say"

"Years Before","Start the Fire"


2nd Break

Hour 2

"Rough Grind","Dead End Street"

"Electus","I Wanted You"

"Mike Meagher","Society Falling"

"Tailwind Audio "," PB&J"

"Katalina Kicks","We Don't Care"

"Morgellons","Last Exit"

"Ragers","Blood On The Dance Floor"

"Griffin Tucker","Believe It"

 3rd Break

"Hedfuzy","The Lost Star"

"Waste Basket","$ Menue Land"

"Tailwind Audio "," Surgery"

"Slumlord Radio","Holy Smokes"

"Without Warning","Burning Skies"

"The Lately","Hard Enough"

"Burn The Gallows","Speak Of Glory",

"Tailwind Audio "," Every Week"

"Sons of Kong"," L.A."

"Craving Strange","Savior Self"



*indicates new track in rotation

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