Originally conceived at a college radio station as 'Homegrown" in 2010, ZipCodeZero has morphed into a ever growing platform for emerging rock bands to strut their stuff. Tireless promotion, interviews and pure passion drive the show each and every week. Got something to contribute?  Hit us up!

The ZipCodeZero Radio Network

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This Weeks Track List 

Hour 1


"27 Years "," Shadows Of The New Day"

"Bumper In"

"Bullring","Violet Song"

"Zamtrip","So Long"

"The Heartland Collective","I Just Don't Know"

"Tailwind Audio "," Dialed In"

"Sweet Ignitions","Daggers"

"Jenn Marino & The Hearts","Smoke"

"Johnny Like Noize","Go To"

"News A"


1st Break


"Space Electric","It Ain't Over"

"The Petal Falls","All These Years"

"Fendahlene","Get Over It"

"Zip Code Zero "," The Lately"

"Mrs Skanotto"," Free Speech Zone"

"Josh and the Jet Noise","Am I Getting To You"

"Francis","Take You Out"

"Tailwind Audio "," Leaving  Mainstream"

"The Lately"," Sleep It Off"

"Not Now Norman","Little Cheryl"

"News B"


 2nd Break   


Hour 2


"The Mysterines","Love's Not Enough"

"Magic Hat","Not Givin' Up"

"The Metal Byrds","The Ganges"

"Tailwind Audio "," Collide"

"New Day Dawn","The Fight"

"Portobello Express","Highly Sensitive"

"Tailwind Audio "," Every Week"

"L7","Fake Friends (Radio Edit)"

"Wild Horse","Time's Up"

"News C"


 3rd Break


"I See Vultures","Neversafe"

"Beachmaster","Only If You Know"

"The Hawkeyes","Wanted Man"

"Pudge"," Out of Sight"

"Slumlord Radio","Holy Smokes"

"Tailwind Audio "," Surgery"

"Drop Top Alibi","Burn"

"The Mojo Slide","Good Man Down"

"Tailwind Audio "," Search"

"BlackBelt Yellobelli","For You"

"Bumper Out"



*indicates new track in rotation

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