Radio Production

If you run a streaming only radio station you know the challenges of gathering content and establishing your own unique sound. We can help! From drops to promotions to ad copy, our production elements give your station a professional feel without spending a ton of cash. In fact, very little cash! Feel free to contact us at Tailwind Audio Production and tell us what you need. We can tailor a package that fits your budget and you'll have enough leftover so you won't have to eat...uh...leftovers! Turn around time is usually within 24 hours (from order placement to delivery)

Specials And Additional Services

  • Each imaging file.....$5 (includes copy)
  • Bundle Deal 5 files....$20
  • All other production work....$25 per hour
  • Voice Over talent available for additional for details
  • ID3v2.3 (your preferred bitrate) tags and trim.....$1 per song or $10 for 15
  • Media for details
  • Contact me with any questions or pricing needs, I'll make it work for you!
  •     712-454-7607


Short :10 to :20 sec drops, liners or promos (each), Bundle Pack or Misc. Production

Get 5 elements for $20. A steal! All other production work is $25 per hour.


Advertising Production

:30. :60 second ads and PSA's

Sponsorship Placement


                              Production Samples       

Some music beds provided by Jason Shaw. Visit audionautix for more info.

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