Mission Statements

Mission Statement


Tailwind Audio

  Tailwind Audio will provide an entry level recording facility for artists in need of a low cost quality solution to today's demanding social network environment as well as a media distribution point.
  In addition, the studio will offer services for advertising, promotional and related production elements of the broadcasting industry and serve as the origin point for streaming programming.
  The goal at Tailwind Audio is to keep digital recording within the economic reach of all who are in need of a career launching point and will always endeavor to re invest in its equipment to insure that all production is presented in the most professional environment.

 Mission Statement


  ZipCodeZero was developed to engage music enthusiast and help them connect with artists who are making every effort to build their fan base.
  Besides having a dedicated scouting schedule, the show will make every effort to open a personal dialogue with each artist and maintain a sincere and positive relationship.
  The show will also endeavor to always bring fresh and insightful content so listeners will be engaged and want to make ZipCodeZero be a key element to their listening habits.
  And finally, the show and its staff will always treat the artists and audience with respect and professionalism, never forgetting where we came from and where we want to be.