Q. Bob, what makes you think your an audio type person?

A. Besides being involved in the music industry for over thirty years I have an Associates Degree in Broadcasting which included advanced audio production.

Q. So what makes you think you are qualified for audio production?

A. HaHa...trying to trick me huh? Besides having that piece of paper I have recorded a plethora (always wanted to use that in a sentence) of advertisements and Public Service announcements. Plus I have survived countless hours in my studio with bands that would melt the average human ear.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. Now we get down to the meat and potatoes. I do a flat rate because time spent on a project will vary and I'm not about to divide the clock into a pie. Hey, is anybody getting hungry?

30 second ads or PSA's.........$50.00

60 second ads or PSA's.........$100.00

Studio Time:

Set up and record tracks.......$100.00

Edit and mixdown per song...$25.00

Q. Wow, seems kind of cheap Bob. Whats the catch?

A. I may be easy but I'm not cheap! I prefer inexpensive, thank you.These prices are just for a reference, all projects are different so pricing is totally negotiable Like I said before, I have a low overhead and don't invest in overpriced equipment to do what I do. Maybe in the future, if demand requires it, I will have to raise prices because of re-investment to allow my studio to be more flexible but I don't see the increases as being drastic.

Q. What vices do you have?

A. None. Tailwind Audio is a smoke free and drug free environment.