The Studio at Tailwind Audio Production

More pics coming!
More pics coming!

Not only do I write and record radio spots I also record local artists. My studio consists of two is the control room where logic and calm prevail and the other room is where all the noisy people go! Everything that is mic'd like vocals, drums, bodily functions gets recorded in there. Otherwise a six hour session makes me want to hurt small animals with a fork. Just kidding. I would use a spoon.


Storage and Distribution

  • Master and backup files stored safley
  • Distribution to other media outlets by permission
  • Interviews and event promotion also included

A sample of the artists that have used our studio

Many studios have spent millions of dollars on recording gear. I am not one of them. Hey...that's Mr. Cheapskate to you! Besides using Adobe Audition CS5, I use;

  • Tascam US-2000 Audio Interface
  • ART Pro VLA II  Two Channel Tube Compressor
  • Shure, AKG and Sennheiser microphones
  • Yamaha, Ibenez, Charvel guitars and bass guitars
  • Gretsch drums w/Evans EMAD heads (2 kits) + wide selection of snare drums/cymbals
  • Yamaha Studio Monitors and Subs
  • Custom ADK PC

The "Live Room" also features Proel monitors powered by QSC that is integrated into to the broadcasting studio, enabling us to live cast any performance. A great way to promote a new release by playing live on Code Zero Radio.